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Restaurant Review: Edin’s Deli Cafe

Edin's Cafe

I love days when everything just seems to work out. We had one of those last Saturday. I was wedding dress shopping with my little sister in Nottingham. Not only did my sis look stunning in pretty much all the dresses she tried on, but we also had one of those wonderful moments when you stumble upon a totally amazing place to eat by pure accident.

We were two shops down and ready for something to eat. I have no knowledge of Nottingham and my sister went to uni there so could tell me about any bar there but less about the restaurants (I’m secretly proud of her for that!). So we wandered a bit aimlessly around the centre looking for food. Wok on? Nope, little noodle bar? Only 1 person in there so forget it. Pizza Express? Not bothered.

Then down by the Lace Market a packed little cafe called Edin’s caught our eye. We weren’t sure if we’d get a table as the front room was packed but were ushered to a back room with plenty of space (although by the time we left every table was taken). There were people of all ages at the tables – from groups of teens to tables of people in their 60s enjoying a meal. This was a good sign!

Edin's Cafe

Edin’s Cafe – an amazing find in Nottingham

And when we saw the menu we came some way to understanding why. The prices were criminally cheap! £5 for sausages and lentil stew with a glass of house wine. Or £7.95 for rump steak, salad and chips. Surely this was too good to be true? One way to find out….

We went for the £5.75 for 2 courses. Both of us chose the ham hock risotto for mains then I had a croissant bread and butter pudding for dessert and little sis picked lemon tart. And because I no longer need to try and fit into wedding dresses I had a glass of Fiano for good measure.

Inside Edin's Cafe

Inside Edin’s cafe – a really nice relaxed atmosphere

Whilst waiting for the food we took in the surroundings. The cafe had a really nice rustic feel with old school sewing machines and meat slicers dotted around for effect. There was a big old wine rack in the room and 20s posters up on the walls. From the menu I couldn’t work out if this was French or Spanish or English or Italian inspired but frankly I didn’t care. The atmosphere was just so warm and friendly and relaxed.

And when the food came we were not disappointed. The ham hock risotto was superb. Rustic, good honest home cooking but well seasoned and with ham that had a lovely salty taste that melted in the mouth. There were bits of leek that gave a sweet contrast to the salty ham and the risotto rice was just the right amount of crunchy without having that chalky underdone texture. Portions were just right as well.

Ham Hock Risotto

Ham Hock Risotto – simple but delicious

The bread and butter pudding was equally tasty. The croissant flavour came through well and it wasn’t too stodgy or heavy. Similarly, the lemon tart was tangy with firm dry pastry (no soggy bottoms on show).

Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding

Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

And OMG I could rave on about the bill in the same way as I did the food because 2 mains, 2 desserts and a glass of wine came to just over £20. Whaaaat?!

Total Bargain

Total Bargain!!

It was the perfect interlude to our shopping trip. Next was another dress shop, then back to the parent’s house in Leicester for another lovely meal. What a brilliant day.

Later on I looked up Edin’s to find out how long it had been around. Because if it was a new place I would recommend getting down there to take advantage of the really nice food at ridiculously good prices before it closed down as a result of not turning a profit. But the cafe has been open since 1998 and they’ve recently opened a sister restaurant in the city. Clearly, by keeping the menu simple and seasonal (the website tells us they buy ingredients from the market daily) and cooking tasty home-cooked meals, Edin’s has hit on something good.

If you’re ever in Nottingham I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough (it’s on Broad Street opposite the Broadway Cinema by the way). It’s cool, quirky, looks good and is dead honest. And as sis was trying on her last dress of the day it struck me… if Edin’s was a person (and I wasn’t already married), I’d totally propose….

Edins on Urbanspoon

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